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Reboot Linux to solve connection issue vs. simply restarting BrickD


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I have 2 Master Bricks with a Dual Relay, temp sensor, LCD and more temp sensors attached, all connected to a Raspberry Pi, and usually working fine.

Based on the "rugged example", I've a Python script that uses callbacks to get the temp values and a simple DR_get to read the Dual Relay status.

Occasionally, the connection to one or the other Master Bricks gets lost, but usually recovers. However, when it doesn't, why does a Linux Reboot resolves the situation but a restart (even a "force-reload") of the Brick daemon doesn't help?

Is there any other option to help recovering from this situation?

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Hm, that could be an explanation.

I will test it, but I have to wait until I'm back in the building.


The problem seems to be independent from the Dual Relay Bricklet being switched or not, but I have to also watch this more closely.


Meanwhile I wonder - is a software reset of the Master Brick ( Master.reset() ) the same as hardware reset?

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