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Solar radiation sensor


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Hello everyone.

Only yesterday I discovered your devices and I'm already crazy for them!  :D

They are awesome! especially for documentation!  ;)


First of all, sorry for my english!  ::)


I am looking for a sensor for the solar radiation.

I need the measurement of radiation in W / m2

I could use the "Color Bricklet"?

From this Bricklet I get the measure of illuminance in Lux.

Is it possible to obtain the measurement of solar radiation?

There is another device?


I read in another post that the maximum illuminance of "Color Bricklet" is 100,000 Lx.

This measure corresponds to about 790 W / m2.

Is it small as a measure for the solar radiation?

In my city, in the summer, the solar radiation easily exceed 1200 W / m2.


Please, let's enlighten!  ;)

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In full bright daylight the illuminance can indeed exceed 100000 Lux, so you wouldn't be able to measure that with the Color Bricklet.


See here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daylight



Edit: Just for completeness since it may help others:


We discussed this over email and came to the conclusion that for the university research he is doing he needs a somewhat specialized solar radiation sensor. Most sensors that are for a specific field do have a 4-20mA output. So the Industrial Dual 0-20mA Bricklet is probably the right thing to go with here.

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