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Industrial Dual 0-20mA Bricklet Library for KiCad


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I am trying to find the manufacturer part numbers for some of the components on the 0-20mA Bricklet. I downloaded the KiCad files and opened KiCad. When I open the "Eeschema" utility a message appears that says the Tinkerforge library could not be found. When I open the "CvPCB" utility some .mod files could not be found.


How do I download the Tinkerforge library and .mod files need by KiCAD?

How do I get a parts list of all the components on the board?

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Did you include the kicad-libraries git into the project? See the hardware paragraph here: https://github.com/Tinkerforge/industrial-dual-0-20ma-bricklet


Every Bricklet has a hardware section with the KiCAD files for the Bricklet. But there is also a kicad-libraries git which contains all of the footprints and so on that are shared between Bricklets.

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