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Resolution of Analog In Bricklet 2.0


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I don't understand the technical specifications given for the Analog In V2.0 Bricklet 2.0.

It gives a voltage range of 0-42 VDC at 1mV step, but a 12bit resolution at 10mV step.

How can I achieve the 1mV resolution? As I cannot see any software adjustable resistors (as with the V1.0 bricklet) I don't understand how I can achieve any better resolution than the 42.9/2^12 = 10.5mV.

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Uh, that is indeed a little misleading. What we mean is that the API returns mV, but the resolution is 10mV.


Which does not mean that it has a absolute precision of +-10mV.


Nevertheless, by increasing the averaging you can increase the resolution and precision (although we do always round to full 10mV in the firmware).

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