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Red Brick


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You asked this question exactly 1 year before: http://www.tinkerunity.org/forum/index.php/topic,3011.msg18840.html#msg18840


If you do NOT need a shield or any proprietary hardware build specially for the raspi then you can (most likely) exchange the raspi by the RED. Both runs a Debian distro and an ARM cpu.


Depends which raspi do you have, the RED has slightly less performance/memory. At the RED there is a GPIO interface but I assume it will never be supported by drivers or adapters. TF has removed the description about it from documentation. A raspi has lots of GPIOs a better support of several interfaces e.g. I2C.


On a RED you have to solve it by the wide range of existing bricklets. On a certain raspi you can have Ethernet and more USB connectors onboard. For the RED you need an ethernet extension and a USB hub.


PS: Finally RED supports "only" a lower version (3.4) of the kernel in opposite to the rasp (4.1). Means some hardware connected to the RED could be not supported because of missing drivers in kernel. If you are an expert in Linux you can try to recompile the kernel with embedded drivers.


But I think you cannot really compare a Rasp with the RED. For me the RED is more a super brick providing us a "ondevice programming" without any need of a desktop/host pc on very small form factor, smaller than the raspi.

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