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Analog Out Bricklet 2.0 support in OpenHab


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Here is a first try for Analog Out V2 https://bintray.com/theoweiss/generic/download_file?file_path=analogOutV2%2Forg.openhab.binding.tinkerforge-1.9.0-SNAPSHOT.jar


You will find a configuration example in oh2 style here: https://github.com/theoweiss/openhab2-tinkerforge-configuration-examples/tree/master/analogOutV2


Hopefully it shouldn't be to hard to transcribe it to an oh1 configuration.


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Sorry for not getting back on that one sooner.

The amount of sh*tstorm that hit after moving into half finished smarthome was incredible.I was dealing with OH2 crashes,that resulted in no hot water, flooding, and lack of the electricity from the custom battery subsystems so dimmers were the last thing i was thinking about.

I'm about to test it soon. will report back.

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