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LCD20x4 define & write special character using MQTT


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Thanks for reply.


Looked at source brick-mqtt-proxy.py and noticed work in progress (see code snippet). So will wait for an updated brick-mqtt-proxy.

Any timelines when special chars will be supported?


# FIXME: get_custom_character and get_default_text need special handling
class BrickletLCD20x4Proxy(DeviceProxy):
(set_custom_character', 'custom_character/set', ['index', 'character']),


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It's not work in progress. You can use it without the getter. The documentation for the setter is missing by accident. I'll fix that.


As the documentation for the set_custom_character function says, you need to provide the custom character shape as a bitmask. The documentation has an example for a capital H.


Here's setting the first custom character (index 0) to an arrow-up shape:


mosquitto_pub -t tinkerforge/bricklet/lcd_20x4/SCD32/custom_character/set -m '{"index":0, "character":[4,14,21,4,4,4,4,4]}'


Now to write this custom character (index 0) to the display you need to write a character with byte representation 8. This can be done with the Unicode escape sequence \u0008 in JSON:


mosquitto_pub -t tinkerforge/bricklet/lcd_20x4/SCD32/write_line/set -m '{"line":0, "position":0, "text":"\u0008"}'


I'll add to my TODO list to add a custom character example to the API bindings.

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Thanks a lot for the information and swift reply.

Have integrated this into a Node-RED Flow and its working fine.


For those interested in Node-RED, look up my website http://www.rwblinn.de > IoT > Node-RED > Category TinkerForge.

One of the Node-RED flows uses the Bricklets LCD20x4, Temperature, Humidity, Barometer. Here some screenshots:








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