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Can I use LinearAcceleration to determine position?


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From my experiments I would guess the Tinkerforge IMU2 Brick doesn't have linear accelerator sensors that are accurate enough for me to reliably detect movement, am I correct?


I created a simple Unity3D project to move and rotate a cube on screen. The rotation sensitivity was excellent, but the linear acceleration wasn't reliable enough to detect how much I had moved, when I had moved the brick back to its original position etc.


So can't LinearAcceleration be used for this purpose, and what can it be used for?



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You can use it for that, but every error that occurs will be summed up over time. So over time the position will get worse and worse. There is nothing you can do about that.


In contrast, there are no incremental errors for determining the rotation. The acceleration, angular velocity and magnetic field are sufficient to calculate the current rotation of the IMU Brick at any given time.

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