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Using IMU Brick 2.0 to detect Yaw and Acceleration of a Car


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Hi, my name is Joandy and I am doing an interesting project for an electric car!


So basically, I need to plug in the IMU Brick 2.0 ( http://www.tinkerforge.com/en/doc/Hardware/Bricks/IMU_V2_Brick.html) so that I can read off the acceleration and the yaw of the car (the change of angle of the car longitudinally).


I was reading a forum post that we need to use master brick to connect bricklets to and EPC (http://www.tinkerunity.org/forum/index.php/topic,1637.0.html), so i have some questions:

1. Is the Brick 2.0 considered bricklets? Like do i need to purchase a master brick to connect it to an EPC?

2. Any suggestion on what kind of EPC what I should use? I want to provide live and high-speed data processing for the control feedback of the car.


Thanks for helping me answer this question!!!  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

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1) You can connect the IMU Brick 2.0 directly via USB, no Master Brick needed


2) Perhaps the Raspberry PI 3 does have enough power for your purposes? You could also use the RED Brick, in this case you don't have to use USB. You can just stack the IMU Brick 2.0 onto the RED Brick: http://www.tinkerforge.com/en/doc/Hardware/Bricks/RED_Brick.html


If neither of them have enough power you will probably have to use some kind of "normal mini PC mainboard".

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