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Brick/Bricklet status LEDs


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I was wondering if there was a way to disable any of the status LEDs found on the various bricks & bricklets?

I'm using the wifi extension + motion detector bricklet which between them have 3 bright LEDs. These are useful in testing but for the motion detector especially it is undesirable having the bright blue light on every time someone walks in the room.

I intend to set it up in a bedroom (for automatic switch on of lighting at suitable times) so a bright LED in the middle of the night isn't nice. Also I'm considering the power use of all these LEDs running all the time - it would be better to disable them when not testing the system.


Is the any plan to add some a method 'SetStatusLightsOff' or similar?

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Thanks but I'm getting :

System.MissingMethodException :

Method not found: 'Void Tinkerforge.BrickletMotionDetector.SetStatusLEDConfig(Byte)'.


I call it like this:



I'm using the latest bindings ( and I have fully updated all my Bricks & Bricklets as well as Brickd and viewer.

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