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Wifi Extension 2.0


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I just received a new WIFI 2.0 extension and have it up-and-running. Works fine, I can connect and read the sensors connected to the Master via WIFI with the Brick Viewer. (V2.3.6)


I have the following setup;

- Step-down power supply

- Master Brick V2.4.0 (with Humidity, Sound Intensity, Temperature, UV Light Bricklets)

- WIFI 2.0 extension


I only have a problem connecting to the Web Interface. I use the defaults;

Port: 4223            (Works fine)

WebSocket Port: 4280  (Works fine)

WebSite Port: 80      (Not working)


I connect to in my browser and I see nothing.

Just "not found" as index.html cannot be found.


There is something listening on the http-port on the WIFI 2.0 extension.


mbp-van-allan:~ smitae$ curl -v

* Rebuilt URL to:

*  Trying

* Connected to ( port 80 (#0)

> GET / HTTP/1.1

> Host:

> User-Agent: curl/7.43.0

> Accept: */*


< HTTP/1.1 302 Found

< Server: esp8266-httpd/0.3

< Connection: close

< Location: /index.html


Moved to /index.html

* Closing connection 0


Any ideas?

In the end it is not a real problem, as I can access it via the Brick Viewer. What am I missing??




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Oké, next step. I did flash both my Master bricks. No problems. Now both on 2.4.4.


So Problem 1;

Although my first Master brick (Weather Station) feels very unstable?

Looks like my barometer/temp bricklet has a problem, when attached I cannot contact the Master brick using the Brick viewer. When removed from the weather station all works fine. (Weather station, humidity, ambilight, LCD, Ethernet extension)

I did switch ports and cables all with the same result?

When I attach a UV bricklet to the weather station it works ok.

So I know the weather station will work with 4 bricklets.

But when I remove any of the bricklets and replace it with the Barometer I cannot contact it anymore with the brick viewer. It is connected, but nothing appears in the overview.


And when I connect the barometer to my other Master Brick with sound,humidity, temp WIFI extension it works fine??


So any idea why the barometer bricklet can cause this problem?

And remember, this is after I flashed the Master Bricks?

Before that all worked fine, it was running 24x7 for almost 6 months without problems?


Problem 2;

I did try to flash the Wifi 2.0, attached to the working Master Brick, but that fails. See attached picture with the error I get in brick viewer.


In the Brick Viewer "Waiting for WIFI extension 2.0 firmware version"

Ok, after a while the WIFI 2.0. is back on line. But still on 2.0.0.


So it still works, but I am not able to flash it to the latest level?





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Unfortunately i can't immediately reproduce either of the problems.


Problem 1: I've got a weather station here with everything connected and every firmware up to date. This seems to work fine for me.


Do you connect to the weather station through your Ethernet Extension or is the Ethernet Extension just in the stack and you are currently communicating through USB? If it does not work through Ethernet, does it work through USB?



Problem 2: I downgraded a WIFI Extension to firmware version 2.0.0 and then upgraded it to 2.1.3 from there. Worked well. I did have to restart the Master Brick once after the flashing, which the Brick Viewer could actually do by itself. Otherwise i couldn't see any problems.


When you try to upgrade it, is there any status information before the error occurs? Like "Writing flash section X of Y" or "Connecting to Bootloader"?

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Ok, 1 problem is solved. But not in a way I like it.

As I just switched my 2 Master Bricks.


So weather station;

- Masterbrick (which I switched with my other Master Brick)

- Ethernet extension

- Barometer

- humidity

- amb light

- lcd screen


So it works, but the problem with the Barometer and my first Master Brick is still there. These 2 do not like each other.


Problem 2;

WIFI 2.0 flashing I am working on.

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Ok, Problem with flashing the WIFI 2.0


I assume the flash proces is just to contact the stack via USB.

- Open Brick Viewer

- Select "updates/flashing"

- Select Extension

- Click Save - WIFI 2.0 (2.1.3) already selected.


When I click save it;

- Starts downloading the firmware

- Then "Connecting to Bootloader"

- After a 1 minute or so the error message in the picture


I thought, maybe the stack needs to be in boot loader mode. So I set the Master Brick in Bootloader mode. (All leds out)

- Connect to the Master brick via; /dev/tty.usbmodemfd131

- Then try to load the WIFI extension firmware. But that will not work as de Brick Viewer only wants "bin" firmware files. And the WIFI 2.0 2.1.3 Firmware, which I downloaded is in "zbin" format. So I am not able to select it in the Brick Viewer for install.


So still on version 2.0.0 and I do not know how to fix it? Any other ideas?


Btw; The stack is made up of;

- Step down power supply

- master Brick

- WIFI 2.0


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Ok, 1 problem is solved. But not in a way I like it.

As I just switched my 2 Master Bricks.


Do both Master Bricks have the same firmware version? I don't see how they could act differently if they have the same firmware :o.



Regarding WIFI 2.0. Can you try to flash an older WIFI 2.0 firmware version from, like 2.0.1? Just for testing if it makes a difference.



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Yep, both are now on 2.4.4.


I know, it is strange, but when I do attach the barometer to the other brick is hangs again. Well it is fixed, my weaterstation is fully running again.

And I use the other Master brick in an other stack. I just need to remember to keep the weather stations as is. And keep the barometer and my first master brick separated :-)


I did try flashing WIFI 2.0 with an other version. I get the same error with all versions of the firmware.


Might it be related to my Laptop and the brick viewer? I run El Capitan (10.11.6) not the latest version of OSX?



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I doubt that the OSX version is relevant. The API that we use to flash the WIFI Extension 2.0 is a normal API that is available in the Bindings, so if you can use your Bricks/Bricklets you should always also be able to flash the WIFI Extension 2.0.


With which Master did you try to flash the WIFI Extension? With the one where the Barometer Bricklet doesn't work? Have you tried the other one?

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Oké, so no need to buy a new Mac :-)


Yes, I used both. Same issue. Sorry.


Well in the end the WIFI 2.0 extensions does work. But no web-interface and not possible to flash it.


I will leave it for now. Need to focus on some coding stuff first.


I do expect to order new stuff in the coming time anyway, I might post the WIFI 2.0 extension to you before my new order, maybe you can figure out what is going on? And then send it back when fixed, with my future order?



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I do expect to order new stuff in the coming time anyway, I might post the WIFI 2.0 extension to you before my new order, maybe you can figure out what is going on? And then send it back when fixed, with my future order?


Yes, please do! Will be interesting to see if we can't flash it here either and why this happens.

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