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Red Brick on Raspberry Pi cannot connect to Brick View


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The setup: I have a RPi3 running the Brick Daemon and bricklets connected.The RPi is connected to the local network and so is my terminal (macbook). I have managed to SSH into the RPi successfully and check both the version of the daemon and check the config file (there's none, it uses default values).

Config file '/home/pi/.brickd/brickd.conf' not found, using default values
Using the following config values:
  listen.address           =
  listen.plain_port        = 4223
  listen.websocket_port    = 0
  listen.mesh_gateway_port = 4240
  listen.dual_stack        = off
  authentication.secret    = 
  log.level                = info
  log.debug_filter         = 



Both the RPi and my laptop are connected to the same WIFI access point, Brick Viewer is set to 'localhost' and port 4223. When I hit 'connect', it doesn't yield any error, it just doesn't do anything. The whole setup was tested yesterday and worked fine (I saw the bicklets connected, I could see their UID too).

I have also tried:


- restart the daemon on both machines


- use a different WIFI network


- use '' as an address instead of 'localhost'


What am I doing wrong?



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