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OpenHAB bindings for a new industrial Dual Relay


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What is ETA for the support for this bricklet and the new Motion Sensor 2.0

My garden shed just got robbed and the new alarm system (motion sensor bricklets) is on its way already, but to finish it i need openhab suporting the new parts.




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I wish OpenHAB support was in step with all other bindings! Just publish ALL new bindings whenever a new bricklet comes out!


OpenHAB support seems to depend only on Theo's own initiative -- and perhaps some incentives offered by TF to him?


However, it looks like OpenHAB integration is not yet considered by TF to be a real reason for buying their stuff.


It definitely should be! OpenHAB creates visibility! New customers ahead!


Now it is rather disappointing for a potential new customer to see OpenHAB support for bricklets not in stock anymore, while the shiny new ones lacks that support.


@TF: Do you know how many TF user also use OpenHAB? Do you have any idea how big that number could be if YOUR support of OpenHAB was as predictable and excellent as it is with the bindings you provide today? What about starting a poll?


The same applies to NodeRed.


Only my 2¢ …


Regards, Uwe



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You got the point exactly, I have 2K Euro worth of brick an bricklets and really would appreciate to have a binding update with every new brick released, for sensors I sometimes resort to running a pooling python script on the RPI and  pass the data to openhab with MQTT but that is not the way it should be done


By some fluke of early adopter craze I did ordered a bunch of new briclets to do security system in the shed and should have gone for the old motion sensor and old dualrelay as this one is not supported

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