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Camera Slider kit and Stepper Brick questions


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I am interested in acquiring the Camera Slider kit, to try to make a texture analyzer.


My question has two parts. If I can use the silent stepper brick which supports more step modes, instead of the provided one, and if it is possible for the stepper brick instead of counts to report distance. I need at least 0.1mm distance resolution so I don't know if I can somehow convert the drive steps to distance and if the minimum step can be as low as 0.1mm of course.


Thank you!


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You can use the Silent Stepper Brick.


With regards to the resolution: I am not sure. I think that 0.1mm is a bit too small. There will always be some slackness and backlash in the cart and also the belt has some play etc. I don't think you will be able to drive with 0.1mm accuracy.


Maybe you can find some sturdy pre-build linear rail with a stepper motor attached.


Something like this: http://www.haydonkerk.de/184/Produkte/Linearschienen,-Fuehrungen-und-Splines/Motorisierte-RGS-RGW/RGW06-Size-17.htm (there is no price, so probably super expensive).


Maybe you can find something comparable on aliexpress or similar.

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