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Brickets not being seen in a master stack


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I have a stack with a DC brick at the bottom, then a master brick followed by 3 stepper bricks.


I have a 16 IO bricket and a SSR bricket but these can only be seen when plugged into the master. When a bricket is plugged into the stepper bricks on the stack they are not seen.


So, really my question is should I be able to plug brickets into the stepper bricks while in a stack with a master (I assumed I could).


The USB connection is via the master.

The brickets can be seen if I plug the USB cable into the individual stepper bricks but I need to control the whole stack via the master.





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In your stack the Master Brick needs to be at the bottom and the Master Brick needs to be connected via USB. The Bricklets can be connected to any of the Bricks.


If this doesn't work i have three ideas:


1. Is the firmware on all of the Bricks and Bricklets up-to-date? If not please update and try again.

2. Can you check if maybe on of the pins in the Bricklet connector of the Stepper Brick is bend? This could explain why there is no connection.

3. The Bricklets are not hotplug capable. So you have to connect them to the Bricks first and then connect the Brick via USB.

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