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Getting started


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In terms of software you need to download the Brick Daemon, Brick Viewer and C API Bindings. You can get all of them here: https://www.tinkerforge.com/en/doc/Downloads.html


To get started with the C Bindings you can take a look here: https://www.tinkerforge.com/en/doc/Software/API_Bindings_C.html


In terms of hardware it obviously depends what you want to do. The absolute minimum that does something useful and is easy to understand would probably be a Master Brick together with a Temperature Bricklet 2.0.


Hardware wise you need:


* Mini USB cable

* Master Brick

* Bricklet cable (7p-10p)

* Temperature Bricklet 2.0


Master Brick: https://www.tinkerforge.com/en/shop/bricks/master-brick.html

Temperature Bricklet 2.0: https://www.tinkerforge.com/en/shop/bricklets/sensors/temperature-v2-bricklet.html


You can pick the suitable cables as options in the shop.


To get started, you connect the Bricklet to the Brick with the Bricklet cable and the Brick to your PC with the USB cable. Now you can view the temperature in Brick Viewer and use the C Bindings to read out the temperature in C++.

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Hi borg,


thanks for the feedback.

I got the parts and connected them together.


In the Brick viewer I can see the live Temperature evolution over the time.


I'm new to C++, how can I use the binding functions that you mentioned?

Do I have to use the Makefile?

I can compile the code but there's an error when I try to link (build) it.


thanks in advance,


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thanks borg,


I followed the instructions that you suggested and it's working now.

I've created a project folder with the files below:

1) example_project/

-> ip_connection.cpp

-> ip_connection.h

-> brick_master.cpp

-> brick_master.h

-> bricklet_temperature_v2.cpp

-> bricklet_temperature_v2.h

-> example_callback.cpp


2) update #define UID with the UIDs from the brick and the bricklet.


3) from cmd:

gcc -o example.exe *.cpp -lws2_32 -ladvapi32


Any ideas on the next steps?


kind regards,


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