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Hi first of all, congrats! This is a very cool idea!


I am interested to know if this will be a cheaper way to tackle home automation?


I'm assuming that the distance between the power source and between bricks does not matter? (I still prefer wired to wireless.) For example you have a motor at the curtain you want to open with a bricklet next to/close to it. You then have a (controlling) brick close to the alarm panel which would provide inputs to the brick. For example, when you switch the alarm on it might send a signal to the brick which then closes all the curtains for you.


Then somewhere in the same room as the curtains you might have a slider bricklet which will allow you to open the curtains a certain percentage.


Regards and good luck!



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I think everything you said is possible with the wireless extension or the rs485 extension (both not released yet). You will need power everywhere you put a Brick. If you use the step-down powersupply (https://shop.tinkerforge.com/powersupplies/step-down-powersupply.html) you can input anything between 6V and 27V. Since the power usage of the Bricks is relatively small, a long wire to the powersupply shouldn't be a problem.

Cheers, Olaf

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I've started to do this by implementing a small C# program to control my heating. It works great! I use a SQL database & asp.net website to allow it to be controlled via the web. With the master extensions this would be much easier though as the long wire to my boiler could be removed. I have very little coding experience. Tinkerforge products are so easy to control!

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