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Weird data from Segment display #get_segments


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Maybe I'm wrong, but I have a suspicion BrickletSegmentDisplay4x7V2#get_segments does not return correct values.

I think the Bricklet responds with correct data, but the data is mangled when unpacked.

To be precise, when data is unpacked for the first segment (8 values), too much data is slurped so nothing remains for the other 27 values.

Here is a quick & dirty debug helper:

module Tinkerforge
  class BrickletSegmentDisplay4x7V2

    def debug_get_segments
      puts '                 |.......|.......|.......|.......|.|'
      puts 'get_segments   : ' + get_segments.flatten.map { |b| b ? '1' : '0' }.join
      puts 'actual response: ' + (send_request FUNCTION_GET_SEGMENTS, [], '', 14, '?35' ).map { |b| b ? '1' : '0' }.join
      puts ''



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