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"Analog In Bricklet" to read the PPM (servo singal) from the resiver


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I wrote a program in delphi that reads analog value from "Analog In Bricklet"

and I came across a limitation that does not allow me to go further.


Restriction applies to the minimum reading time ~ 1ms is not sufficient. Is it possible somehow get around and read the value as fast as 1/100 ms? or may not be better to use the "Breakout Bricklet" and read faster?

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Over USB this is not possible. The kernel of your operationg system polls the USB device 1000 times per second, that is specified in the USB standard. There is no way around that.


You would have to write you own C firmware to achieve higher read out rates. The microcontroller can read and convert adc values with a frequency of max 6MHz.

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