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Issue when disconnecting and reconnecting Hall Effect Bricklet 2.0


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I have a problem when I disconnect and reconnect a Hall Effect Bricklet 2.0. After reconnecting, the bricklet is no longer accessible in Brick Viewer (not working in my own program neither). It is detected but when I go to the bricklet tab, I have this message "This bricklet is in booloader mode". This happens whether I disconnect the master brick USB or the 7-poles cable at the master brick side. The only way I found to get the bricklet back is to disconnect and reconnect the 7-poles cable at the bricklet side. This is not practical in my application since the bricklet is not accessible (requires substancial work to reach it) so I would need a more convenient fix for this problem.


Ideally, the bricklet should still be funcitonnal after disconnecting and reconnecting the USB. If it is stuck in bootloader mode, there should be a way to reinitialize it without having to phyisically reach the bricklet connector.


Is this problem a hardware issue with the bricklet I have? Or is it a repeatable problem? If so, do you have a suggestion for me to try? (hardware or software).


Thank you for your help



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This is very strange. There are a few ways a Bricklet can enter the bootloader mode:

  • No firmware was flashed yet
  • A new firmware flashing process is started
  • The flashed firmware is wrong (wrong checksum, firmware of other Bricklet flashed or similar)
  • The bootloader pad on the PCB is shorted

The bootloader pad is the gold pad above the ".com" in this picture: bricklet_hall_effect_v2_top_800.jpg

Can you check that the pad is not shorted? Is it possible that there is some process running in the background that tries to flash a new firmware?

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Hi, I have the same problem with this Bricklet. It worked over a few hours without any problems.
But today I come into the same troubles as arthurPV.
I haven't started any firmware flashing or else.
The Bricklet isn't damaged in any way (shortening a circuit or similar...).
Removing the cable did not help. But removing from the magnet helps.
My Bricklet is very close to a magnet before I startup.

Do you have any solutions for this problem?

Thanks in advance 

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I think that the problem resides in the HAT, but is erratic.
My HAT is mounted on top of an raspi PI 4.
HAT's configuration is like out of the box, I never changed anything.
Firmware Version is 2.0.3.
Raspi ist powered with an original Raspi power supply,
HAT says 5.17Volt.
On the HAT is connected:
1 Compass Bricklet
1 DC Bricklet 2.0
1 Hall Effect Bricklet 2.0
All Bricklets have the latest Firmware.

All LED's are shining, NOT blinking.

In the BrickViewer I pressed the "Sleep Now" Button on the HAT Brick Tab .
After a few seconds the Hall Bricklet began blinking very hectical - not like hartbeat.
but the other Bricklets not! They continue shining.
The compass Bricklet works fine as before, but the Hall Bricklet Tab shows an "Flash"

After the error I started my Java App, an this Exception was presented:
Exception in thread "main" com.tinkerforge.TimeoutException: Did not receive response in time for function ID -1
    at com.tinkerforge.DeviceBase.sendRequest(DeviceBase.java:225)
    at com.tinkerforge.DeviceBase.checkValidity(DeviceBase.java:175)
    at com.tinkerforge.BrickletCompass.setHeadingCallbackConfiguration(BrickletCompass.java:292)
The Compass ist the first one that I connect.
I tried this a few times again, but unfortunately the problem 
did not occur anymore.

IMHO changes the HAT erratic into sleep mode, but why - I don't know.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards

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