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C# automatically add bricklets


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I'm looking for a way to be able to add bricklets without coding for each one individually. For example i want to add a database row in a table that allows me to put in the bricklet info and have the value updated in that row. Currently i have to add a callback in the code for each sensor which is a pain when i want to add more sensors.


Is there an easy way to do this so that the sensor network can be expanded without changing the code in the application?

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Use the enumeration callback of the IPConnection.


2.0 example:

    public void main(...)
        ipcon.Enumerate += EnumerateCB;

    static void EnumerateCB(IPConnection sender,
                            string uid, string connectedUid, char position,
                            short[] hardwareVersion, short[] firmwareVersion,
                            int deviceIdentifier, short enumerationType)
        if(enumerationType == IPConnection.ENUMERATION_TYPE_DISCONNECTED)
           return; //we don't care for disconnected devices
        if(deviceIdentifier == 216)  //Temperature-Bricklet, as of http://www.tinkerforge.com/doc/Software/Device_Identifier.html#device-identifier
           var bricklet = new BrickletTemperature(uid, sender);
           bricklet.Temperature += TemperatureCB;

    private static void TemperatureReached(BrickletTemperature sender, short temperature)
        //update your database with sender.uid and temperature


This example contains mostly code from my mind, so there might be typos.

Also: I saw that there is no Accessor for the UID on the Device-class. So my comment about "use sender.UID" is wrong, but I think this needs to be changed :D (Pull Request in preparation ^^)

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OK, i have got this to work using

static void Temp1CB(BrickletTemperature sender, short temperature)
            string uid;
            string connecteduid;
            char position;
            byte[] hardwareversion;
            byte[] firmwareversion;
            int deviceidentifier;
            sender.GetIdentity(out uid,out connecteduid,out position,out hardwareversion,out firmwareversion,out deviceidentifier);
         //code to update database with uid and temperature


Is there simpler way to get the uid without all the other information? As you pointed out there doesn't seem to be a sender.uid


Thanks for the quick help!

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