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PTC Bricklet ?


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Bit slow this morning.. isn't this like the Temperature bricklet then?

Yes it is a new temperature bricklet. But maybe you will be able to connect diffrent sensors to the bricklet. And the discussed sensores have diffrent mesurement methods resistance or electric tension. At the end the new one will be  more precisely and maybe a wider messurement span.


A TF Mod should explain why they make a new temperature bricklet ^^

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I didn't care for the PTC bricklet so far, but borg's explanation changed that.


In industry terms, the 'Pt family' (Pt100; Pt1000; etc., where Pt stands for Platinum and the number stands for the resistance at (?) degrees) is rather called RTD for 'resistance temperature detector' (or sometimes resistance thermal device).


The actual RTD devices don't cost a lot, so this bricklet - if it is not too expensive - would be a valuable addition to the TF bricklets. Of course, the firmware should include the linearising curve for the RTDs.

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