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Is this normal behavior for Batometer Bricket? (Photo)


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The change in altitude seems to correspond to the pressure changes (left graph), so I think it is due to unstable air-pressure.

I don't know the math, have you tried setting the reference air-pressure to the current pressure? Don't know if it is more reliable in the area of the reference pressure. (Altitude should be around 0m when you do this)

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I would expect that it stabilizes a bit more if you run it for a longer time period.


A change in air pressure of 0.12mbar is really not that much i am afraid. The altitude calculation is directly correlated to the air pressure.


There is nothing we can do about that.


If you want the altitude to be correct in the cm range, you will need to combine it with the IMU Brick data (with a Kalman filter).

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Video is not needed, very sorry for the confusion, the sensor is working properly. Last time when I did the test on the outside have to be affected by the weather, and my shaky hand is that I did it right behind the open window. It's amazing how reading has stabilized at a time when the sensor had a moment alone. My next step is suggested sensor fusion with IMU and GPS.



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