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RED Brick SPI Protokoll Betatest - in ENGLISH TOO PLEASE


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I uploaded the Brick firmwares with the current version of the new SPI protocol that will be used with the RED Brick:




If you have time and you want to help us, you can try it out. The firmwares are compatible to each other, but not to the older firmware versions.


There shouldn't be any noticeable difference between the firmwares(regarding speed, latency, etc).


If are interested to know why we need a new protocol for the stack communication, i already wrote in a blog entry about it:

he communication between Bricks in the stack is done over SPI. The currently used protocol, which is used between Bricks, is made for the SAM3S4 processor that is used by the Bricks. This protocol is very efficient, but it would bring the Linux system on the RED Brick to its knees. The solution for this problem is to use DMA, the processor is not burdened by the communication if DMA is used. The protocol that is currently used is not compatible to DMA. Thus we have to design a new SPI protocol that is compatible to the DMA controller of the SAM3S4 processor as well as the A10S processor that is used on the RED Brick. This protocol then has to be implemented on the RED Brick as well as all of the other Bricks.
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I hope the TF team can put itself in the following shoes: imagine that you are a client of a really cool technology produced in Uzbekistan. The Uzbek company selling the stuff has two forums to support its customers: one in the Uzbek language, and one in English. And the Uzbek forum is much more active than the English one.


Frustrating, isn't it ?


I've tried many times to use Google translate to distill what is being written on your German forum, but gave up in the end. The translation is just not good enough.


I hope that one day Tinkerforge makes so much money from international customers that you are forced to switch your current linguistic priorities..




  always a big TF fan

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The doc, examples and blog are fully written in English, if someone request by English most of the time, users will answer no matter if it happens in English or German forum.


Otherwise I ask myself why the engagement in this international forum is so low, I dont think its only a matter of understanding what other (German) people have to say.


Indepently from the traffic in German, Uzbek or whatever forum, everybody shouldnt hesitate to open new discussions or send posting about projects or ideas around TF stuff in English.

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