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Maybe I completely miss what you really want, but...


Can I put 5v from external PS into "Step-Down Power Supply brick" OUTPUT


No, as the name OUTPUT already indicates, it's an OUTput.


An your other statement

There is no 5V input on master brick

is wrong. As I said you can run the master brick without any Step-Down Power Supply! Use the mini USB connector on the master brick for supplying it with 5V.

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No, as raphael_vogel already mentioned, you can't use the step-down for 5V input (green jack). This would also be a quite expensive solution: why buy a step-down and supply this with 5V if you can do the same without step-down?


You can supply one brick with 5V via USB connector (see remark from raphael_vogel) which powers the whole stack then, not just that one brick.

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Actually, with the currently available Step Down Power-Supply you can attach a 5V supply to the green connector, as long as you connect nothing to the black connector.


Since we want to protect the stack against accidentally connecting to the wrong connector in the future, this will not be possible in the next version of the Step Down Power-Supply.


(Accidentally killing a whole stack because you connect 24V to the green connector instead of the black is currently one of the most painful things that can happen :) )

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