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B4x to control TinkerForge Bricks


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Hi All,


want to share example apps to control the Master Brick and Bricklets using B4x (see http://www.b4x.com - Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools for native Android (B4A), iOS (B4i) and desktop / webserver apps (B4J)). So far, have not seen any TinkerForge examples using B4x. With B4x it is rather simple to control Bricks using the Java Library. It is also possible to use the JavaScript Library.


Additional information & examples

Control Bricklets RemoteSwitch, Temperature, Humidity

B4A & B4J App using TinkerForge Java API Binding.



Raspberry Pi Webserver to control Bricklet RemoteSwitch

B4J Webserver using JQuery Mobile & TinkerForge JavaScript API Binding.



More apps under Development.



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Hi borg,


Yes that is correct.

Anywhere Software offers Rapid Application Development tools for native Android (tool B4A), iOS (tool B4i) and Desktop plus server (tool B4J). I have developed first B4A and B4J apps to talk to a TinkerForge MasterBrick and several connected Bricklets (RemoteSwitch, Temperature, Humidity, Barometer) using the tinkerforge.jar Library. The Basic dialect developed by Anywhere Software offers a JavaObject library to make that happen.


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