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Can not connect to Master Brick ...


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I have a stack of brick's, from bottom:

- Step-down Power Supply,

- Master brick 2.1


I'm not able to get any Connections to the master brick. Mainly it should be connected to an Raspberry 2, brick daemon and brick Viewer installed.


When connecting the USB-Cable, the status led was Lightning blue, and the extension led where blinking. After 1-2 seconds only the Status led was Lightning.

With the Brick Viewer I was not able to get any Connection.


After that I connected the stack to my windows computer (win10). Brick daemon and Viewer installed. When connectiong the USB-Cable, the led's where blinking as described above.

Even in windows i couldn't get any connection to the master brick from Brick Viewer.


I demounted the master brick and tried run it stand alone.

No change - no Connection.


Suddenly the master brick was black. No light in the led's. doesn't help if I disconnect the USB-Cable and reconnect. The led's are just .. black.


I belive that I right now has at least 2 problems or more...

Please advise me, what am I doing wrong, and how do I proceed?


Best regards

Göran P


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The way the LEDs light up initially is correct. That the LEDs don't light up at all now probably means that the Brick is in boot loader mode. This could happen if you accidentally hold the erase button on the Brick while connecting it to USB. You can try to flash the firmware to the Brick again, see:




If the Brick doesn't show up as serial port during the flash process then please check if your Master Brick is missing the small black 4-pin part on the bottom side that is marked in the attached picture. If that's the case then the USB data lines are interrupted and USB communication doesn't work. Please contact us at info@tinkerforge.com with your order number and mention this forum thread.


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