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TinkerForge Roadmap 2017 and beyond


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Is there a TinkerForge Roadmap 2017 and beyond available?


Wondering what are the plans regarding

  • Bricks & Bricklets = what can we expect when?
  • connecting Bricklets direct to SoC like the Raspberry Pi, Pine64 without Master Brick
  • future of the Red-Brick compared to other SoC
  • software, i.e. full integration in Node-RED, openHAB 2, other (Domoticz?)
  • other, i.e. Outdoor Cases, Make Examples, getting started guides or webinars


Appreciate an insigth ...



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We stopped to lay out big roadmaps with specific dates, since we had bad experiences with this. People will wait on specific items of the roadmap and they may take much longer then planned or perhaps even never finish because they were too challenging or we changed plans.


Generally, we are working on lots of new Bricklets and on improving all of the old non-co-processor Bricklets. You can take a look at our github account to see what exactly we are working on, we do the development in the open.


Regarding your other points: A "Hat" to connect Bricklets directly to a RPi or similar will come after we converted most of the Bricklets to co-processor Bricklets. We are currently working on a new RED Brick image release with lots of improvements. I think this may include openHAB 2. The RED Brick hardware will likely also be updated in the future.

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  • 2 months later...

Currently in production are (among re-production of existing Bricks/Bricklets):


* Humidity 2.0 Bricklet (Much better sensor)

* RGB LED Button Bricklet

* RGB LED Matrix Bricklet

* Motorized Linear Poti Bricklet

* Thermal Imaging Bricklet


We just finished planning the next production panel and it contains:


* NFC Bricklet (completely new version with support for P2P and card emulation and other stuff)

* Analog In 3.0 Bricklet

* Motion Detector 2.0 Bricklet (Our own design, not based on a module anymore, very fancy!)

* Outdoor Weather Bricklet

* Remote Switch 2.0 Bricklet (Can now also receive and not only send)

* Rotary Encoder 2.0 Bricklet

* Solid State Relay 2.0 Bricklet

* Temperature IR 2.0 Bricklet

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