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Wifi extension droping from the network for a 4h periods


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I have noticed that wifi brick is not reliable. I have a prototype sensor based on the wifi extension (sensor_1) and second one using RPI zero W (sensor_2) running at the same time in the very same location on the uni campus.  Wifi signal is perfect at around -55  The infrastuture is CISCO enterprise AP's


The tinkerforge bricklet will drop from the network occasionaly and will always do that for 3h45m  an then it will recover. Why? What is wrong with it?


On a graph when the response is 1k the sensor is unavailable.


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Is the AP in N-only mode? If so then try to configure it in B/G/N mode. This can be an issue for hidden (no SSID broadcast) APs as discussed here, https://github.com/esp8266/Arduino/issues/3457.


Another thing to try would be to make sure the AP is not switching to a different channel. For example some APs have the feature of switching to a different channel if it detects the currently used channel is over crowded with other APs around. Particularly applicable for 2.4GHz APs.



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