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Unable to save calibration


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I bought a IMU Brick 2.0 a few weeks ago. And it is really great.

However, I cannot save the calibration, I wave the brick in a figure 8 and get all green on the status "leds" in Brick Viewer, I click the button and it looks like it´s saving, but when I power cycle the board it comes back up again with the old settings.

I have flashed the IMU a couple of times to see if it would solve it, but no.

I´m using the latest firmware, which I believe is the 2.0.14 ?


Any help is appreciated! Thanks,

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If you press the save button the Brick Viewer will save the current values of the calibration on the Brick and it will use them as a starting point when it is started the next time.


This does not mean that every "led" in Brick Viewer will immediately turn green again on next boot. Since from the perspective of the IMU it does not yet have gathered enough data to be sure if it calibrated correctly or not.


The Brick will run the continuous calibration in any way.

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The problem I have is that when I power cycle the board, it will always start with 150-160 degrees in the heading, despite in which way the robot is pointing.


Let me explain, I wave the robot in a figure 8 until I have a correct yaw, lets say 120 degrees, all leds are green and I can press the "Save" button, but when I power cycle the board it will always come back up at 150 to 160 degress

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