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NFC Bricklet Firmware not working anymore. (Card Emulation/P2P)


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We experienced an issue with the latest firmware (2.0.6) for card emulation.

Scenario 1
No communication possible between NFC Bricklet and Smartphone

The bricklet is not detected by a smartphone or by another bricklet in reader mode.

(In the previous version, we got “Card Emulator: Transfer NDEF error” frequently (reading with an Android phone and another bricklet) but it was doable.)

Scenario 2
No NFC communication possible among NFC Bricklets.

One nfc bricklet in reader mode (e.g. attached to a raspberry pi),
another nfc bricklet in card emulation mode (e.g. attached to a computer which will select the tag to emulate).

I have tried to have the first bricklet in reader mode (NFC type 4 with NDEF) and the other in card emulation mode with some text (both connected to the same master brick to a computer for now).
With version 2.0.5, I can successfully “Scan for Tag” on the reader but not read any page: I get “Card Emulator: Transfer NDEF error” on the emulator.
With version 2.0.6, I’m unable to detect the emulator from the reader at all.

Scenario 3
No NFC communication possible among NFC Bricklets in P2P Mode.

I have also tried to use P2P mode (one reader, one writer), but there is neither discovery nor communication.


Could you please assist me on this issue?

My environment use Brick Viewer 2.4.20 for MacOS; Master Brick with firmware 2.5.0

Best regards,


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Between 2.0.6 and 2.0.5 we added new API functions and we changed the optimization level of the compiler for some functions because we didn't have enough firmware space left otherwise.

I will have to look into this, maybe this somehow changed the timing a little bit and that breaks something?

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