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HAT Brick: 5V power-supply without USB-connector but using additionally solded cable onto the HAT


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Dear List

I have to use the 5V power-supply of the HAT Brick additionally to the 5-28V DC-input. But for constructive reasons (no available space), I cannot use an USB-connectors.


  • Is there a possibility / location to sold a cable directly onto the HAT Brick?

With soldering directly a cable, I could use the additional power-supply (which I have to use for several reasons additionally to the 5-28V DC-input, see https://www.tinkerunity.org/topic/11345-hat-brick-und-strompi-3-mögliche-konflikte-bei-serieller-kommunikation-respektive-problem-bei-konfiguration-von-strompi-3/ ) even within the very small space available where the RPi and HAT are installed.

Looking forward to any ideas and suggestions.



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Dear batti

Thank you very much for the advice and pointing out the precise location. I had a look at the HAT itself, puhh, this is all pretty small. I guess, this will exceed my skills of soldering 😟

I re-checked the available space between the USB-socket and the case were the RPI and the HAT are located:

  • There are 15mm available.

Using an USB-cable with a 90-degrees rotated plug, it should fit. See attached images.

Probably, buying such cables, cutting and just using the two power-wires will be easier than soldering an additional cable onto the board of the HAT.

Hope you agree.





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