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WeatherStationWebsite.php gives no Temperature


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I'm testing the weather station with PHP.


For WeatherStationWebsite.php I use:









use Tinkerforge\IPConnection;

use Tinkerforge\BrickletAmbientLight;

use Tinkerforge\BrickletHumidity;

use Tinkerforge\BrickletBarometer;


$ipcon = new IPConnection();

$brickletAmbientLight = new BrickletAmbientLight("enG", $ipcon);

$brickletHumidity = new BrickletHumidity("eFY", $ipcon);

$brickletBarometer = new BrickletBarometer("eUy", $ipcon);


$ipcon->connect("localhost", 4223);


$illuminance = $brickletAmbientLight->getIlluminance()/10.0;

$humidity = $brickletHumidity->getHumidity()/10.0;

$air_pressure = $brickletBarometer->getAirPressure()/1000.0;

$temperature = $brickletBarometer->getChipTemperature()/100.0;


$response = array (

    "illuminance"  => "Illuminance: $illuminance Lux",

    "humidity"    => "Humidity: $humidity %RH",

    "air_pressure" => "Air Pressure: $air_pressure mbar",

    "temperature"  => "Temperature: $temperature °C",







But the result is:


{"illuminance":"Illuminance: 1.7 Lux","humidity":"Humidity: 68.6 %RH","air_pressure":"Air Pressure: 1001.318 mbar","temperature":null}


What is the correct code to retrieve the temperature from the barometer bricklet?



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It seems that the ° in front of the C causes the problem.


By omitting the ° I get a response: {"illuminance":"Illuminance: 838.1 Lux","humidity":"Humidity: 61 %RH","air_pressure":"Air Pressure: 1013.163 mbar","temperature":"Temperature: 20.46 C"}


Adding a ° gives always a null no mater where it is put.


Is ° a not accepted character in PHP?


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utf-8 encoding wasn't the problem.


I fixed it as follows:


Changed:  "temperature"  => "Temperature: $temperature °C"


To:      "temperature"  => "Temperature: $temperature &degC"


Or:      "temperature"  => "Temperature: $temperature &#176C"


So the °C was changed to &decC or to &#176C


This gives the correct response:  Temperature: 18.83 °C

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