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pkgbuilds available for arch linux users


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Thanks for packaging our software and spreading the word.


I did not actually test the packages, but here are some comments from just looking at the AUR webpages:


The brickv package has a brickd dependency, but brickv can be used without brickd on the same system and even without brickd at all, if you're connected to a stack with a WIFI or Ethernet Extension. Maybe in archlinux packages can recommend other packages the way Debian packages can?


brickd doesn't use libusb-0.1 as provided by the libusb-compat package, but it uses libusb-1.0 as provided by libusbx package. Because libusb-compat itself depends on libusb-1.0 brickd ends up with the correct dependency. You could just cut libusb-compat from the dependency chain and depend on libusb-1.0 directly.


The Perl bindings you packaged from CPAN are not the official ones. They were created by a user, are incomplete and outdated by now. The official ones can be found here:




They are not on CPAN yet, but will be soon.

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