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RED Brick


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Judging by the pictures of the recent blog post, the RED Brick can be plugged into a stack. May I ask what the (vertical stack) connectors are then used for? Will any program running on RED simply see the stack components on localhost (i.e. the connectors basically replace a USB cable going from RED to first master Brick)?


Thx for enlightening us..

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The communication between Linux OS and the stack will be done by the internal SPI bus system only: http://www.tinkerunity.org/forum/index.php/topic,2129.msg13903.html#msg13903.

At the end or the main goal will be to have the "host pc" much more nearer to the stack hardware or makes it embedded, so that we customer can deploy and run our own software (Java,C,Pascal etc.) like "onDevice".

Latency or dependency on USB connection will be no longer an issue.


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