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Temperature Bricklet issue


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I have a temperature bricklet, however it has a strange behavior.


I also have humidity and barometer bricklets, for these I use the callback method with a callback period at 1000ms (like in the Weather Station documentation). I do the exact same thing with the temperature but it can take up to a minute to trigger a measurement.


Also, temperatures shown seem approx 2°C higher than it should be (the sensor is not close to a heat source).


Is that normal ?


Thank for your time and your help.

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A callback is only triggered if the value actually changes.


So for example if you set a callback period of 1 second and the temperature stays the same for 30 seconds until it changes, you will only get the callback after 30 seconds.


This is probably what you are seeing here. To try this out you can heat/cool the Bricklet rapidly.


We do this to save bandwidth on the USB.

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