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RED Brick and RS485 Extension


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I'm trying to connect two Tinkerforge Stacks using the RS485 extensions.

Things work fine when I'm using a master brick on the master RS485 side,

and I can browse the bricklets connected on the remote stack.

Moving the master 485 to a RED Brick, no remote bricks get listed.

So, is this a supported configuration ?

How can I debug this issue (log messages for RS485) ?

BTW, I'm using the latest RED Brick Image.

Thanks for your help.

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Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I've tried the default baud rate (please note

that the cable length between the two stacks is about 1 meter!) and tried

then to lower it to 100000.

Nothing changed. Again, this setup works fine if I replace the RED brick

by a Master Brick.

Is there any debug flag I could turn on or specific files to watch

for RS485 extension errors ?


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Mh, have you tried one of the recommended baudrates? http://www.tinkerforge.com/en/doc/Hardware/Bricks/RED_Brick.html#rs485-extension


The A10s processor on the RED Brick can unfortunately only reach a few baudrates precisely.


That was it indeed, I was wronlgy using 1000000 which is not in the list of

recommended baud rates. I moved to 100 000 ant it works fine now.

Does setting higher baud rates implies higher CPU load on the RED brick or

is this handled transparently by the RS485 Extension ?

BTW, the RED brick is very impressive, so is the whole software

which is packaged with it. Very nice product.




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