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HAT - can't find function "set_voltages_callback_configuration"


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I'm using your library for Python, version 2.1.23,

When I try to use function "set_voltages_callback_configuration", (see link https://www.tinkerforge.com/en/doc/Software/Bricks/HAT_Brick_Python.html#BrickHAT.set_voltages_callback_configuration), then I got an error in my code.

When I open your file brick_hat.py, then I see that this is missing...

Best regards
Göran P

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I'm using Python API version 2.1.24 and is testing callback_voltages.
With the function "BrickHAT.set_voltages_callback_configuration(period, value_has_to_change)" I should be able to set value_has_to_change with True or False.
But when I test it, with False or True I still get values every period time.
I could change the period and it work's, I have tested for example with different times like 1000, 2000 3000.

What do I do wrong ??

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