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Change request for LCD baseplate


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Hey folks,


I'm really onjoying the 4x20 LCD component, except for the little buttons on the bottom side of the bricklet plate. I'm quite surprised you didn't just put 3 IO ports there. I'm trying to integrate the screen in an enclosure, but the buttons are on an impossible location. I would like to be able to put 3 random switches/buttons in my custom enclosure right next to the screen and connect those to the bricklet plate instead of the current buttons. Since I have very little HW experience I don't know if I can modify my current bricklet this way.


I think most users would appreciate the above. Could you guys create a new version of the 4x20 LCD bricklet?

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The possibility to connect external buttons is on our change list for the next version of the LCD Bricklet.


This change was suggested in the German board a while ago.


I don't see anything like this in the timeline... do you have some sort of product backlog (scrum) on which we can see in which order you are working on new and exiting stuff? :)

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