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AMT103 Rotary Incremental Encoder connected with Bricklet

AMT103 Encoder - Bricklet

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I recently procured an AMT103 rotary incremental encoder for a brushless motor.

The outputs of the encoder are the A, B, and X channels, as shown in this photo and the corresponding CMOS voltage square waveforms are presented in this photo. For my project, I use 2048 PPR.

I want to connect the outputs of the encoder on a Bricklet. What bricklet would you suggest for this application? I was thinking of the IO-4 Bricklet 2.0 as a choice. Would this work?


Thanks a lot!

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The Industrial Counter Bricklet has a mode to read quadrature encoders like yours:


But it requires a higher voltage range that your encoder can provide. You could us a transistor at the outputs of your encoder to match the voltage level required by the Industrial Counter Bricklet.

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