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What about a brick for multiple low power DC motors?


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There are various mini robots like Tamiya or other that use low power DC motors. The DC brick can handle one 28V and 5A peak motor for 49,99 EUR. To control 4 motor robot kit it would require 200 EUR, while each motor is usually below 1A and like 3-5V. I've seen cheaper DC controllers for such weaker motors (cheaper than those for bigger amps motors).


Maybe there could be a low-power-DC brick that would allow controlling those robot kits without spending insane amount of money? ;)

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We did think about a version of the Servo Brick that has power on the actual PWM pins (not only on the third VCC pin). The idea there was that you could control up to 7 high power LEDs with it, additionally to servos. You could also control small motors.


But this won't happen in the next weeks, we currently have too many other open project.

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