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Ethernet brick with PoE


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Guys, are there any plans for an ethernet brick with PoE. This would be great for home automation. The beauty of your product is the transparent communication between the bricks/bricklets. Developing software which does not require me writing a communication method between nodes is very appealing. I've tried this with arduino, but it gets very messy.

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It is planed, but it will take some more time. We will finish the Chibi Extension and RS485 Extension first (because we have the hardware already and they were anounced already). After that we will likely release a Wifi Extension, since it was requested most.


Since we already have to have implemented a TCP/IP stack then, we might follow with an Ethernet Extension.

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That's great. That would allow me to put a PoE switch in a central place in my home and setup a stack of bricks on every floor receiving both power and communication through the Ethernet cables. The PoE switch will be backed by a UPS which makes the entire Tinkerforge network power independant.


Brilliant. Can't wait. 8)


(... also waiting on a RFID bricklet ... )

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