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Bindings: C/C++ 2.1.34, C/C++ for Microcontrollers 2.0.4, C# 2.1.32, Delphi/Lazarus 2.1.33, Go 2.0.15, Java 2.1.33, JavaScript 2.1.35, LabVIEW 2.1.31, Mathematica 2.1.31, MATLAB/Octave 2.0.33, MQTT 2.0.17, Perl 2.1.32, PHP 2.1.31, Python 2.1.31, Ruby 2.1.31, Rust 2.0.21, Saleae 2.0.8, Shell 2.1.33, Visual Basic .NET 2.1.31

  • Add support for Industrial Dual AC In Bricklet [All]
  • Add FFC shutter mode and normalization to Thermal Imaging Bricklet API [All]
  • Fix System.AppDomain.Unload timeout, avoid crash [LabVIEW]
  • Fix System.AppDomain.Unload timeout [C#, Mathematica, VB.NET]
  • Fix error response check [Go]
  • Fix single chunk streams [Go]
  • Handle empty payload in streamed function calls [MQTT]
  • Remove wrong stream error handling [JavaScript]
  • Add IPv6 support, raises PHP requirement to 7.2.0 [P,HP]
  • Don't leak socket on connect error [Python]
  • Add IPv6 support [Python]
  • Show dropped bytes [Saleae]
  • Fix get-identity call [Shell]
  • Fix --execute with modern Python versions [Shell]
  • Support authentication secret, listen address and port for Arduino ESP32 [µC]
  • Don't count callbacks as unexpected packets [µC]
  • Fix byte offset when splitting packet to be sent [µC]
  • Correctly mark packet as processed if received in setter [µC]
  • Correctly stop waiting for packet when timeout is elapsed [µC]
  • Use correct sequence number when resending proxy packets [µC]
  • Validate header length of received packets [µC]
  • Report local function calls as unsupported instead of timing out [µC]
  • Fix IP address handling with current Arduino ESP32 [µC]

Download: C/C++, C/C++ for Microcontrollers, C#, Delphi/Lazarus, Go, Java, JavaScript, LabVIEW, Mathematica, MATLAB/Octave, MQTT, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Rust, Saleae, Shell,

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Brick Viewer 2.4.26

  • Add support for Industrial Dual AC In Bricklet
  • Add Data Logger support for Industrial Dual AC In Bricklet
  • Only use Python dev-mode if available
  • Fix health monitor metric errors for ESP32 (Ethernet) Brick
  • Add "@ host:port" to window title if connected
  • Avoid crash when closing Brick Viewer
  • Add function code to Modbus master function selection in RS485 Bricklet plugin

Downloads: Windows, Linux, macOS

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Bindings: C# 2.1.33, Delphi/Lazarus 2.1.34, LabVIEW 2.1.32, Mathematica 2.1.32, Visual Basic .NET 2.1.32

  • Handle forced socket read timeout for System.AppDomain.Unload timeout fix correctly when using Microsoft .NET runtime on Linux [C#, LabVIEW, Mathematica, VB.NET]
  • Use macOS specific code for all non-Windows platforms [Delphi]

Download: C#, Delphi/Lazarus, LabVIEW, Mathematica, Visual Basic .NET

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