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Plates and enclosures


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I don't own a baseplate nor do I know of a baseplate/enclosure for the TF system. But I will make me a baseplate out of chipboard and screw four holders for the TF bricks and one for the LCD bricklet on it.

I would love to see enclosures for bricks and bricklets, but I think it will be quite difficult, because the projects vary in size very much, eg. you need multiple tf bricks and bricklets, stepper, servos, batterys or power supply. But a baseplate to mount the bricks and bricklets on it would be awesome!

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I've been asking around my local electronics shop, but the look on their faces when I showed them my TinkerForge components immediately shattered my hope of finding something there. They don't have anything useful for mounting TF components.


If you (tinkerforge guys) can offer a plate of some sorts that has the right holes in it, I would really like to order some of those.

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I understand the need for a mounting plate, but I don't know how this plate should look currently. I think it should have a 5mm grid with 3mm drills. What dimensions should this plate have? Should there be some other kind of Mounting holes?


Please make some suggestions. If possible a DXF file or something else would be nice.



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A plate the size of an A4 or even better an A3 sheet of paper would be ideal. I could cut that to the right size for a particular application.


One of my usecases: I have a Master brick, a 20x4 LCD, a humidity and a temperature bricklet floating around on my desk, and i've stuffed my other components (16io's, distanceIR, DualRelay, etc) in a box on a shelve to make sure I don't loose them. I'd like to screw the TF components to a A3/A4 sized base plate that I can attach to the wall, which would give me a good orderly overview on the components, as well as make sure that i don't loose them. (i got kids too :)))

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Dear Cathodion,


ok, I have now something like ab A3 or A4 plastic sheet with ~2mm thickness and 5mm hole grid in mind.


I will contact our hardware supplier and ask for prices...


Nice, thanks!


I found the following enclousure:



I'm hoping I can screw TinkerForge components on a plate, cut it to size, and shove it in the enclosure.

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I got myself three of the "Universal Plate L" from pololu (or rather, as it turned out, from RelChron).

Though these plates cost me an arm and a leg (one plate goes for 9.93, plus shipping of 12.50 Pound to Germany!), they are exactly what matches to the Tinkerforge mounting holes.

Durable plastic, 3 mm thick. No hampering, all my bricks and bricklets settled nicely. Except, of course, for the LCD 20x4 bricklet. "Non standard" hole distance!

If there was a way to get them a little cheaper, I would rate these plates ******* (7 stars).

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